October 6, 2010

Grilled apple salad with maple-mustard vinaigrette

I can't believe it's October already! This is week 3 of Fall Fest and this week is about fall salads. I was looking through my recent produce and farmer's market finds to see what I had around already that would make a good fall salad. Apples, of course, are in our refrigerator... We had a couple different greens/lettuces... Also, some brussel sprouts and shallots. When I make a dinner salad, I like to incorporate some warm ingredients into it along with some nuts and/or fruit. With this salad I decided to grill the apples and shallots and toast up some pecan halves. As with some other salads I've posted, I don't really give amounts of the ingredients. This way, you know what's in it, but you can add as much or as little as you want depending on if it's for a main dish, side dish, or light lunch. We had a large salad for dinner along with some crusty bread and it was filling enough for a meal. 

Grilled apple autumn salad
greens/lettuces of your choice (leaf lettuce, endive, etc.)
brussel sprouts, finely shredded
apple slices
shallots, peeled and thinly sliced
pecan halves, lightly toasted
sharp white cheddar cheese, shredded 

Maple-mustard vinaigrette
1 part real maple syrup
1 part Dijon mustard
1 part extra virgin olive oil
1 part cider vinegar
fresh cracked black pepper, to taste
dash of sea salt

Place your greens/lettuce torn into bite-sized pieces on a plate. Spray your grill pan with non-stick cooking spray and then grill the apple slices and shallots on a grill pan until they soften and have grill marks. Lightly toast the pecans in a dry skillet. Add the brussel sprouts, pecans, apples, shallots, to your lettuce and then top with some cheddar cheese. 

Whisk together all of the vinaigrette ingredients and taste. Adjust ingredients to your taste, if needed. Top salad with some of the vinaigrette and some more black pepper, if desired.


  1. Looks great and perfect for fall! This could be a good way to use the brussel sprouts I've got at home

  2. I had a salad this weekend with a maple viniagrette and it was DELICIOUS!! I actually asked the chef for the recipe....he didn't really share all of it. It had sauteed shallots and mustard, whisk with oil and then add reduced maple syrup. Must have had some vinegar too. Yours looks great!!


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