February 3, 2011

Overnight pumpkin and maple oatmeal

Would you like an easy, delicious, and healthy breakfast that you can whip up the night before and it's ready to eat the next morning? How about something you can eat hot or cold? Or, something that is a great breakfast to take to work (that's mine getting ready to go to work with me)? Well, you should try this oatmeal recipe. I made a batch of this up on Sunday night and there was enough for both my husband and I to have a filling breakfast for two days. I used pumpkin and maple, but I may try some other flavor combinations like applesauce and honey or peanut butter and bananas the next time. I think yogurt could be a good substitute for some of the milk, too. The oatmeal came out very creamy and flavorful. I warmed mine up and topped it with a bit of extra cinnamon. It was so much better than a packet of instant oatmeal and just as easy! 

Overnight pumpkin and maple oatmeal
1 cup old fashioned oats
1 cup milk of your choice (almond, rice, regular)
1/3 cup pumpkin puree
3 tablespoons real maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
pinch of sea salt 

Mix all ingredients into a bowl. Stir and cover. Place in the refrigerator overnight. Serve cold or hot.


  1. I've been meaning to try pumpkin in my oats!! Yum. I love overnight oats. Have you tried them with a pureed frozen banana on top? Mmm so good.

  2. I just discovered overnight oats and they are so great! Pureed frozen banana sounds wonderful. I will try it.


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