January 16, 2012

Lemony raw kale salad

After seeing raw kale salads popping up all over the food blog world, I thought it was time to give it a try. I found a lovely bunch of organic kale at my local grocery and knew that it was destined to become a salad. I had some pomegranate left in the fridge and a lot of lemons, so I incorporated those into my salad along with some shavings of a nice, salty Parmesan cheese. My husband and I were both a little unsure if we would like the kale raw, but we ended up eating this whole bowl between the two of us. We do love our vegetables.

I was surprised by the taste of the raw kale when compared to the taste of cooked kale. The raw kale was very grassy and reminded us both of clover, while cooked kale tends to be rather bitter. It had a more summery flavor than I was expecting, which was welcome this time of year. There are many ways to make this salad - you can vary the fruit and cheese and the addition of nuts like walnuts would be nice. Either way, this is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy some greens this winter. This recipe will make about 4-6 servings of salad as a side, starter, or a light lunch.

Lemony raw kale salad
1 bunch Tuscan kale, washed, dried, tough stems removed, and thinly sliced
juice of two lemons
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1-2 teaspoons honey (to taste)
sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper, to taste
about 3 tablespoons pomegranate seeds
Parmesan cheese, shaved with a vegetable peeler

Place the kale in a large bowl.

Add the lemon juice to a medium bowl. Slowly whisk in the olive oil and whisk until the dressing emulsifies. Whisk in the salt, pepper, and honey. Taste and adjust as needed. Add about half the dressing to the kale and toss well to allow the acid to begin to break down the kale so it is tender. Let sit for about 30 minutes.

Add the pomegranate and Parmesan along with the remaining dressing. Serve.

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  1. Cette jolie salade d├ęborde de saveurs:) Bon lundi!!xxx

  2. I was definitely wary of raw kale salads and thought they would be too...GREEN...for me. But I surprisingly love them! This dressing sounds fabulous. A need to try!

  3. This salad looks totally delicious, I especially like the idea you include pomegranate seeds.

  4. Your kale salad rocks! Love the parmesan and pomegranate combo! Totally delicious.

  5. I love kale! I don't eat salads, but honestly, I would eat this. It's not covered in gross thick dressing and it's got good stuff in it.

  6. Your kale salad looks awesome! I love how the pomegranate pops out among the hearty green leaves.

  7. The kale salad with pomegranate pearls looks so tasty!

  8. Oh my lanta, I love Kale! Thanks for the great recipe!

    <3 jordan

  9. I'm not a huge salad person, but this salad looks so crisp and refreshing! And I think I really need to try some kale, I see it everywhere!

  10. Dear Amy, What a nice healthy salad!! It would go perfect with any meal. Thank you for your visit and your kind comment. I hope that you will visit again real soon. Blessings, Catherine xo


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