March 4, 2012

Fudgy coconut brownies

Can anyone out there believe that this was the first time I've ever made homemade brownies in my life so far? I can't and I'm glad that I've now given them a try. Brownies were one of those things that I always assumed came out of a box and never gave much further thought to it. But, now since I'm changing my eating ways, I figured these were a skill I needed to acquire. I was inspired to make coconut brownies because I saw these lovely coconut flakes in the grocery store (and then was compelled to buy them). I also have been really loving coconut oil lately. So I scoured the internet looking for a basic brownie recipe that I could modify to include coconut goodness. I started with this recipe and changed it to what I have below. The recipe uses a technique that I've never seen before, but it was simple and worked well. They turned out very fudgy and moist and with a good balance of chocolate and coconut flavors. 

Fudgy coconut brownies
5 tablespoons unrefined coconut oil
5 tablespoons unsalted butter
1-1/4 cups granulated sugar (preferably unbleached)
1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour
1/3 cup coconut flakes

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Line an 8-inch square baking pan with parchment paper, leaving a few inches hanging over two opposite sides for easy removal.

Combine the coconut oil, butter, sugar, salt, and cocoa powder in a medium heat-proof bowl. Place in a wide skillet with about 1-inch of just simmering water. Heat until the butter and oil melt, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon until the mixture is combined and hot enough where you will want to remove your finger quickly after dipping it in to test.

Remove the bowl and set it aside until the mixture cools to just warm. Stir in the vanilla. Then stir in the eggs quickly until smooth and well-mixed. Add the flour and stir until it is combined. Then, beat the batter for 40 strokes using your wooden spoon. Fold in the coconut flakes.

Pour into the lined baking pan and spread the batter evenly. Bake for about 22-25 minutes, until an inserted toothpick comes out just slightly moist with batter. Cool in the baking pan on a wire rack (until you can't wait any longer). Then remove the brownies using the parchment paper. Cut into squares and enjoy. Store any leftovers in an airtight container. 

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  1. This brownie recipe looks delicious. I can't believe it's your first time ever making brownies. They are one of the easiest and tastiest desserts to make. You definitely picked a great recipe to start with. Thanks for sharing

  2. Just add almonds and it's like their Almond Joy brownies!

  3. Oh... I am SO making these! ps... I made your coconut pancakes yesterday and they were great.... I tweaked them a bit... will post them on my blog later and link back to here :)

    1. Thanks, Tracy! Can't wait to see your pancakes!

  4. These looks delicious! I've been hearing such great things about coconut oil - I have to start using it

  5. Oh My! These brownies looks so appetizing & heavenly! I'm bookmaking this recipe as my hubby loves coconut! Thanks for sharing ! :)

  6. I love a good fudgy brownie and these sound fantastic with the flavor of coconut also! Next time a craving hits, I think I'll be making these. ;)

  7. The thing about homemade brownies is that once you have them, you can't go back to the box! I love all the coconut in these. SO tasy.

  8. Adding coconut is such a nice way to make brownies chewy. There's nothing like homemade brownies, is there?

  9. ooh, love the inclusion of coconut oil! brownies are so easy, too, no need for the box anymore ;)


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