December 24, 2015

25 Pies in 2015 - A Review

If you saw my last pie post, you saw that I was lamenting a bit about not completing my 25 Pies in 2015 Challenge that I set for myself. But, I've accepted that 25 pies in one year was perhaps a little too much for both my baking time and our waistlines! (I do usually try to reserve sweet pies for when we are having company.) That all being said, I still managed to make and post 15 pies this year - both sweet and savory. Let's take a look at them!

Savory Onion Pie: This pie came from an old Colonial Cookbook. It's similar to a quiche, but the eggs aren't the star of this pie - it's all about the 2 lbs. of caramelized onions (and bacon).

Chicken & Biscuit Skillet Pie: This pie is cold weather comfort food - a hearty chicken and vegetable pot pie topped with a flaky and buttery biscuit crust. 

Thick & Chewy Pan Pizza: This pizza pie is cooked in a cast-iron skillet and has a thick and chewy crust. It's delicious and similar to one from a famous pizza chain.

Chocolate Cream Pie: An old-fashioned pie made from scratch with a thick and creamy chocolate pudding layer topped with a homemade whipped cream. A delicious treat! 

Silky Peanut Butter Pie: Who doesn't love chocolate + peanut butter? This pie has a creamy peanut butter filling in a chocolate cookie crust - perfect! 

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp Tart: A classic combination of strawberry and rhubarb topped with a crisp topping and baked until golden and bubbly. A lovely late spring/early summer dessert. 

Fresh Strawberry Pie: This pie is one I had been wanting to make for a few years. This challenge finally gave me the opportunity to give it a try. It's bursting with strawberry flavor. Perfect for summer! 

Old-fashioned Vinegar Pie: Another pie that I had on my "to-make" list for quite a long time. It was delicious! I highly recommend giving this old-fashioned treat a try.

Southern Tomato Pie: Another savory pie that is a perfect summertime main dish when your garden is overflowing with fresh, ripe, delicious tomatoes. 

Pawpaw Cream Tart: Pawpaws are one of our favorite fall treats and this was the first time I used them cooked in a recipe. It was wonderful! 

Bacon Cheeseburger Pie: Just looking at these photos makes my stomach growl. This pie was probably one of my favorite things I made in 2015. A bacon cheeseburger in a pie shell. So, so yummy!

Cranberry Apple Pie: I love the combination of sweet apples and tart cranberries in this pie. It was a terrific way to use up some of our apples from our annual apple picking trip. 

Skillet Tamale Pie: Another savory main dish pie, this pie has a Tex-Mex chili-like filling topped with a lightly sweetened cornbread. It was a hit! 

Shoofly Pie: This pie has been on my "to-make" list since we visited Lancaster, PA in 2007. I am so glad I finally gave it a try. It was a huge Thanksgiving dinner win with our family! 

Eggnog Pudding Pie: Last but not least, an easy and tasty pie for your holiday celebrations! 

I hope that you've enjoyed all these 15 (not 25) Pies in 2015. I know that I've enjoyed making (and eating) them and bettering my crust making and pie baking skills. I'm sure there will be a lot of pie making in my future!


  1. 15 pies..what an achievement!
    Happy Holidays, Amy!

  2. Your savory pies are what talk to me the most. Wishing you all the best during the holidays.

  3. You know I still think that 15 pies in one year is amazing, and I love looking through this summary. So many great recipes!

  4. Ok, I'd like to try them all... but I really am seeing hearts with that Chocolate Cream Pie!

  5. Dear Amy, I love your pie challenge and I certainly enjoy your nice review - for some reason I would definitely enjoy a slice of that strawberry rhubarb crisp pie right now - although this is not the season for either strawberries or rhubarb but I always loved that combination and after all that seasonal chocolate, this pie sounds utterly appealing to me today! Although, of course, all your pies look fabulous!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!


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