July 31, 2018

August Recipe Round-Up {Summer Recipes}

Welcome to the August Recipe Round-Up! Summer is flying by as usual so it's time to soak up those rays and enjoy the end of summer food! It's the time of year where we do quite a lot of grilling. This month's round-up brings you summertime recipes for a backyard barbecue or picnic that are perfect for those hot August days! Our bloggers are sharing their favorite summer recipes with you, including breakfast, side dishes and snacks, main dishes, and desserts. Keep reading to check out what we are bringing you this month and check back at the end of each month to see the next one.

July 24, 2018

Dill pickle potato salad

Creamy potato salad filled with dill --- dill pickle juice, chunks of dill pickles, and dried dill is perfect for the dill pickle lovers in your life! I've been planning to make and share this recipe for years now and now I'm finally getting to it. I am a huge fan of dill pickles (well, pretty much all pickles, actually). I made this salad with three types of dill - dried dill, chopped dill pickles, and dill pickle juice. The recipe is more of a guide because the intensity of the dill flavor will depend on the intensity of your pickles. With milder pickles you may want a little more, and with really pungent vinegary pickles, you may find you want a little less. It's up to you; please adjust to suite your tastes! No pickles are going to be exactly the same, but I suggest to use crunchy pickles. You want to be able to feel the pickle crunch as a nice contrast to the soft potatoes and eggs. This recipe is perfect for summer cookouts, picnics, and potlucks. It will easily serve about 10-12 people as a side dish.

July 18, 2018

Beet pancakes

Sweet, earthy beets are used to add color, flavor, and sweetness to these pancakes made with whole wheat. Long-time readers and friends know I have a bit of a pancake obsession and I've shared quite a lot of pancake recipes over the years - in fact this is my third so far just this year. I keep thinking I'm going to run out of ideas, but it hasn't happened yet! I've been kinda into beets lately, especially after making this amazing beet lemonade, so I figured it was time to make some beet pancakes. As a mom of twin toddlers, I'm always sneaking vegetables into foods and pancakes are a really easy way to do it. The beets turn these pancakes a really lovely shade of pinkish and they taste delicious. The kids enjoyed them (as they do all pancakes) and my husband and I did as well. This recipe will serve about four people.

July 12, 2018

Candied watermelon rind

Candied watermelon rind is a fun treat and a terrific way to use some of your food scraps and turn them into something you'd want to eat! I saw this recipe over at Sew Historically and knew I had to give it a try. Watermelon rind is edible, though not especially tasty raw. My twins are watermelon monsters so I buy one every week in the summer, leaving us with A LOT of rinds to compost. In the past I've canned watermelon rind pickles, but these days I don't really get as much canning done as I used to, so I loved finding a new way to use the rinds. The process to candy the rind took about 4 days, but most of the time is completely hands-off. I scaled up the recipe to make more and I added some drying time in the direct sunlight. It's an imperfect process that you have to play by ear; a dehydrator may be helpful here and cut down on drying time, but mine turned out delicious! We've been eating them out of hand for a few days just as a little treat - they are almost like a fruit snack in a way (also somewhat reminiscent of a gummy worm! Sweet, a little tart, and a touch chewy.

July 9, 2018

Roasted balsamic radishes

Radishes roasted in olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar are a tasty way to change-up your radish eating routine! My in-laws had a whole bunch of radishes in their garden that needed eating. We took some the other day so I could finally make roasted radishes. These have been something I've wanted to make for a while now, but I never seem to have enough radishes at one time to make a decent sized batch. These radishes had a good amount of heat to them when eaten raw, but roasted mellows and changes the flavor. They reminded me of a roasted turnip that was extra juicy. The balsamic added a nice tang to the radishes and I topped them with a sprinkling of fresh parsley from the garden. We enjoyed eating them like this and will be having them on the menu again when we have an abundance of radishes. I feel like radishes are rarely used outside of eating a few out of hand or in a salad, so this is a fun way to try them in a new light. This dish will serve about 2-4 people as a side.