December 4, 2010

Turkey and cranberry paninis

Serving turkey and cranberry paninis.

These sandwiches are another way I used up some of our leftover turkey. It was a bonus because it also used up some of our leftover cranberry sauce. 

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This is hardly even a recipe really, but I just enjoyed them a lot. In college, I used to order a turkey and cranberry panini every once in a while from a coffee shop on campus and I always enjoyed it. I had never had one of these sandwiches before or after that. 

I remembered them recently and knew for sure that I needed to make these. I made two sandwiches on panini rolls I bought at the bakery. You could use any hearty bread. The below recipe is per sandwich.

Turkey and cranberry panini
1 panini roll, split in half
about 1/4 lb sliced turkey breast
2-3 tablespoons cranberry sauce
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
about 1/4 cup shredded sharp white cheddar cheese
fresh cracked black pepper, to taste

Heat up a griddle pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray (or a panini press if you have one). 

Spread mustard on the insides of both sides of your roll (or bread). Arrange the cheese, cranberry sauce, and turkey on the roll. Crack lots of pepper on your turkey and top with the other half of the roll. Place the sandwich on the grill pan and then use one or two heavy pots (or a pot with a heavy can in it) on top of the sandwich. This will help to flatten out the sandwich, melt the cheese, and give it nice grill marks. When this happens, you can flip the sandwich and cook it until the other side looks that way, too.

Remove from the grill pan. Let sit for about one minute. Cut in half and enjoy. 

Turkey and cranberry panini cut in half.


  1. This is the perfect use of the Thanksgiving leftovers!

  2. I'm always wanting to come up with ways to use up leftovers so they don't go to waste. Thank you for stopping by!


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