Raising Adventurous Eaters

As a mom, who obviously loves to cook, one of my biggest goals is to raise children who are adventurous eaters and have a positive relationship with food. This section used to be dedicated to making homemade baby food and toddler recipes, but now I'll be focusing on family meals and helping to expose kids to all foods. 

In our home, we follow The Division of Responsibility when it comes to feeding our kids. There are no separate meals and we all share the family meal. Kids are welcome to eat or not eat with no pressure and we always make sure there's at least one thing they love available at the meal. 

We like to take our kids out occasionally to try new foods, but mostly we have our meals at home. We eat all sorts of cuisines and now that our kids are a little older, they each pick a dinner for the menu every week. Involving them in the process is important. In my opinion, all food is family food.

Browse through the Recipe Archive for lots of family friendly meals and recipes. 
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a dietician. No recipes or articles on this blog or linked to by others should be taken as medical or nutrition advice. All recipes and articles are for informational purposes only.

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