Recipe Archive

Beet hummus with feta
Rhubarb lemonade
Spiced turmeric milk
Vanilla Earl Grey lattes
Watermelon-cucumber-mint agua fresca  

Beverages (cocktails)
Hot buttered spiced apple cider with rum

Breads (quick) & muffins (sweet)
Apple butter oatmeal muffins
Breakfast/Brunch (see also Breads & Cakes; Pancakes & Waffles)
Apple fritters
Baked carrot cake oatmeal
Baked gingerbread oatmeal 
Baked peanut butter oatmeal
Baked pumpkin oatmeal
Baked zucchini bread oatmeal 
Baked eggs in portobello mushrooms caps 
Baked egg ramekins
Brown sugar and ginger broiled grapefruit
Chocolate banana baked oatmeal
Granola bars
Hot quinoa breakfast cereal
Maple-pecan scones
Potato and Swiss chard hash with eggs  
Pumpkin pie French toast
Pumpkin spice granola 
Pumpkin spice steel cut oats
Sausage gravy
Tangerine-coconut scones
Whole wheat cardamom rhubarb scones 

Acorn squash stuffed with Moroccan-spiced beef
Apple and pork macaroni and cheese 
Bacon cheeseburger pie
Beef and wild mushroom stew 
Beef stroganoff 
Cheddar ham and broccoli quinoa casserole 
Chorizo and black bean stuffed delicata squash boats  
Chorizo and potato tacos
Chorizo and rice stuffed peppers with spiced tomato sauce 
Cider-braised short ribs
Ham and cheese spaghetti squash boats
Hot and sour rhubarb pork and noodles
Hot beef, broccoli, and coconut red curry
Italian spaghetti squash bake  
Jerk pork with mango-avocado salsa
Larb (Lao beef salad)
Mongolian beef and vegetable stir-fry 
Penne and asparagus carbonara  
Pennsylvania Dutch ham, potatoes, and green beans
Pepperoni pizza-stuffed spaghetti squash
Pork and cabbage stir fry 
Pork and pepper goulash
Pork chop and sauerkraut casserole
Pork egg roll bowls
Pretzel crust pizza 
Pumpkin gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce with bacon 
Salisbury steak with red wine-mushroom sauce  
Savory onion pie
Skillet peaches & cream pork chops
Smoky garlic, delicata squash, and bacon pizza
Spaghetti squash and bacon casserole  
Spider and monster face Halloween pizza
Stewed okra and tomatoes with andouille sausage
Swedish meatballs
Thick and chewy supreme pan pizza
Tomato, bacon, and jalapeno skillet pie

Bruschetta chicken pasta
Buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese
Cabbage and chicken coconut curry
Cajun chicken and pepper pasta
Cheese doodle chicken tenders
Cheesy Italian zucchini and turkey casserole
Chicken and apple Indian curry  
Chicken and biscuit skillet pie
Chicken, apple, caramelized onion, and cheese quesadillas 
Chicken, butternut squash, and spinach skillet pasta bake
Chicken chop suey  
Chicken fajita quinoa bowls
Chicken florentine pasta 
Chicken tikka masala  
Chicken with preserved lemons, olives, and saffron couscous
Cranberry and brown sugar glazed turkey meatloaf
Creamy jalapeno spaghetti squash and chicken bake
Creole chicken with cheddar-scallion grits  
Easy slow cooker butter chicken
Farfelle with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and tarragon-cream sauce 
Hasenpfeffer with dill dumplings 
Italian sausage (chicken), potato, & pepper sheet pan dinner 
Kung Pao chicken
Moroccan stewed chicken
One pan stuffed peppers skillet
Orange chicken
Paprika chicken with roasted red pepper IPA sauce 
Pecan-crusted chicken tenders with cranberry ketchup
Pineapple chicken and snow peas
Pumpkin Alfredo pasta with chicken 
Rabbit cacciatore
Roasted chicken thighs with garlic cloves
Sheet pan turkey kielbasa, cabbage, & potato dinner
Skillet chicken and summer squash quinoa
Slow cooker apricot chicken
Butternut squash, cauliflower, and potato curry
Butternut squash mac n' cheese with hazelnut crumble
Butternut squash Moroccan stew
Cauliflower and broccoli stuffed manicotti
Chana masala
Chana palak 
Cheese ravioli with roasted vegetables
Chickpea and eggplant phyllo tarts
Creamy spinach and black bean flautas
Curry barbecue chickpea and eggplant tacos  
Skillet portobello mushroom fajitas 
Skillet zucchini biscuit pie
Slow cooker eggplant "baked" ziti 
Southern tomato pie
Southwest black bean and quinoa patties with avocado sour cream 
Spicy tofu and pinto beans (Sofritas)
Spingtime spaghetti 
Stewed Indian-spiced eggplant, cauliflower, and chickpeas
Stir-fried paneer with peppers 
Stout macaroni and cheese
Stuffed mushroom pasta bake
Summer squash macaroni and cheese 
Tofu and mushroom miso ramen bowls
Tomato, garlic, and basil spaghetti
Thai-style omelets 
Three cheese-garlic pizza on pumpkin pizza dough 
(Un)Stuffed banana pepper macaroni and cheese
Zucchini garlic alfredo pizza 

Bread and butter refrigerator zucchini pickles
Deli-style refrigerator dill pickles 
Hot and spicy refrigerator turnip pickles
Oven roasted apple butter
Pickled quince
Quick pickled radishes  
Quick pickled red onions
Salted preserved lemons
Sauerkraut two ways (caraway & jalapeno) 
Spiced peach butter

Bog salad with maple vinaigrette
Broccoli salad with cheddar, cranberries, and sunflower seeds
Broccoli stem slaw with cranberries 
Cheese and onion salad with a creamy chive dressing
Cold German potato salad
Cranberry-almond couscous salad
Kohlrabi and radish slaw
Lemony potato and pea salad with mint
Picnic macaroni salad 
Red cabbage and green apple slaw
Roasted strawberry balsamic vinaigrette
Sesame chicken and Mandarin orange salad
Thai basil cucumber salad
Warm mushroom, chestnut, and bacon salad
Warm Mexican corn salad 

Apple-stuffed acorn squash
Baked sweet potato fries w/ creamy maple mustard dipping sauce