Hi! My name is Amy Bartlett and welcome to my blog! My interest in food sparked in 2004 when I traveled to Thailand. Before that, I was oblivious to the world of food and the amazing variety of tastes that were out there. I'm not a food expert by any means; simply a person who enjoys learning, eating, and cooking new things. I used to work in aquatic ecosystem restoration and science, but when we had twins in 2016, we decided I would stay home with them. I live in western NY with my wonderful husband, our adorable boy/girl twins, and our cute cockatiel. When I'm not wrangling kids or cooking, you can find me at local parks and hiking trails, exercising, reading a book, or doing some binge-watching.

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I started this blog as a way to document my recipes and share them with family and friends. I also wanted to document my own growth and progress over time to better cooking and healthier eating. I want to encourage others to eat local, eat well, and eat seasonally when possible, but also to enjoy food, enjoy feeding your family, enjoy cooking, and learn about food culture. I am very interested in trying new foods and learning to cook cuisine from around the world like Southeast Asia, Mexico, Germany, and more. I love pizza, pickles, coffee, tea, whiskey, winter squash, and apples. I'm learning to ferment, forage, can, bake, and eat well frugally. I have posted baby food and toddler-friendly recipes, as well as family reciepes, and I'm very interested in raising adventurous eaters!

I appreciate and enjoy any comments that I receive. Please feel free to browse around and let me know what you think. You may also contact me at savorymomentsblog at gmail dot com

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Thank you and enjoy!