July 28, 2011

Green pea curry with mint rice

In May, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners for the Healing Foods event. That event featured Sukham coolers and my entry was a carrot-mango-ginger smoothie. As a winner that month, I received a wonderful cookbook Sukham Ayu, a wonderful Ayurvedic cookbook of healthy, vegetarian, Indian recipes. I was very happy to receive this book because it is one I probably never would have sought out on my own, but now that I have it, I'm glad I do. As soon as I received it in the mail, I marked these these two recipes as my first ones to try. They are slightly modified to accommodate ingredients that I could find easily and to feed only my husband and myself (though we did have enough leftovers still for one lunch). These recipes were fun to make and they were packed full of flavor. I am glad that have the opportunity to try recipes like these as I learn to cook more types of foods. I encourage you to give these a try and to check out the event and the cookbook if you are interested.

July 23, 2011

Currant and ginger scones

Last weekend we got a pint of fresh currants from the farmer's market. The farmer said that the currants may last another week, but after that they would be gone. We went back this morning, and there were no currants - their season has already passed. Luckily, we did get this one pint though, and we enjoyed them a lot.

I got up early on Sunday morning because I wanted to make scones with some of the currants. I had to make them early before it became unbearably hot! I have never made scones before this so I found this recipe and used it as a guide. The scones had almost a muffin-like texture to them and were not very dry or heavy. They turned out nicely - they were sweet, tart, and slightly spicy from the ginger. They went perfectly with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. 

July 20, 2011

Watermelon-cucumber-mint agua fresca

It has been HOT here. I mean, HOT. Since we don't have air conditioning in our apartment, or a pool, we've been trying to beat the heat in other ways. One way is by having some cold and refreshing drinks like this agua fresca. While the above drink looks very pink and not much like cucumber, it does have cucumber in it! I missed the first week of summer fest, but I'm trying to catch up and make the rest of the events. It's a great way to celebrate summer and all the great food ingredients that are available fresh and local this time of year. Give this drink a try - it is really good for these steamy summer days. This will make two servings, simply double the ingredients to make more. 

July 16, 2011

Tarragon and grape chicken salad

Apparently chicken salad made with tarragon and grapes is pretty common, but it was something I never had until a few years ago. We were in Baltimore and stopped at a small coffee and sandwich shop for some lunch along the waterfront. I got a tarragon chicken sandwich and thought it was absolutely delicious. This recipe is my attempt to re-create that sandwich. It's odd because the same thing happened to me with curry chicken salad, which I had for the first time at a small shop when we were in Vermont. I guess chicken salad just wasn't something I ate growing up... Anyways, this chicken salad may be my favorite. Tarragon has quickly become one of my favorite herbs and it pairs so nicely with the sweet grapes and chicken. I like to make this with leftover roasted chicken and/or chicken breasts. The recipe is not very exact because of that - you use as much chicken as you have have proportion the other ingredients accordingly.

July 11, 2011

Korean marinated beef lettuce wraps

These wraps were inspired by a jar of raw, organic, lacto-fermented Kim Chee I was lucky enough to find that is made by a NY farm. I love their sauerkraut - they have so many different kinds. This is the first time I found their Kim Chee. I've never had authentic Kim Chee, but I imagine it's a bit different. This Kim Chee was full of cabbage, carrots, and ginger - and it was delicious. It was the perfect sour-tangy-crunchy compliment to the wrap. I found the recipe for the beef in my copy of Gourmet Today. Below is my slightly modified version. These wraps were not only tasty, but they were fun to eat, too. I liked using the fresh lettuce for a wrap instead of a tortilla - it was a nice change. They should serve about four people.

July 8, 2011


Honestly, I can't believe that I am into my second year of this blog and that I have never posted my guacamole recipe. Maybe it's because I used to make it so often that I started to get tired of it. Guacamole is the number one request (or demand) that I get to bring to family gatherings. I'm often asked for the recipe and I've converted many people from being afraid of this weird, green stuff to loving it. It's even loved by our four year old niece. So, when I was asked to bring this to a family picnic over the 4th of July weekend, I remembered to grab some photos so that I can finally post guacamole on this blog. It was delicious as ever and went quick. This recipe will make a snack-sized dish to pass.