December 1, 2014

OSOhome personalized wood cutting board review {and special offer!}

Disclosure: OSOhome provided me with the cutting board for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photo courtesy of OSOhome - I love the apple!

 Today I'm doing a post that's a bit different (i.e., not a recipe), but I hope you will enjoy it! 

I was lucky enough to meet Monica of OSOhome at the World on Your Plate 11th Annual Conference on Food & Sustainable Living in October where I sat in on her Entrepreneurship workshop. I took this workshop on a hunch that I might pick up some good tips and ideas for growing and marketing my blog. Little did I know that I would also meet someone who owns a small business that creates beautiful and eco-friendly wood cutting boards and is also pretty local to me (just a short drive over the bridge)! As you all know, I'm very passionate about local foods, supporting local farmers and food artisans, and also the environment, so when they asked me to review their cutting boards - it was a no-brainer! I am picky about the companies I support and promote on my blog, but after meeting Monica, learning about their company, and receiving the product, I'm a full supporter of their work!

 My cutting board after I opened the box. The wrapping and presentation was very pretty.

Here's a brief background on OSOhome. Chris and Monica are a husband and wife team who started the business a year ago. They are based in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Chris handpicks all the wood from local mills and makes them all himself out of single pieces of maple, walnut, or cherry (not laminated/glued together like most of the other cutting board retailers). These are all hardwoods, which are ideal for cutting boards due to the tight grain. Wood is naturally antibacterial and is much better on knives than glass, plastic, or bamboo. OSOhome will only use sustainable wood; no mahogany, butternut or anything else on the endangered list. They are passionate about working with natural, sustainable, recycled and local materials. Monica works on the marketing side of the business such as attending shows, social media, etc. They work with local mills, handpick the wood and often help mill it. Each piece is carefully cut to bring out its best features. You can read more about their company here and follow them on Facebook

 My beautiful personalized maple cutting board.

I feel so lucky to have been able to receive a cutting board from OSOhome! The quality is outstanding and it's almost, just almost, too pretty to use! The cutting board is thick, smooth, and sturdy which is important for people like me who use one just about every day. It's also very pretty in color and the wood grains look so rustic and elegant at the same time. After having held and used this board, the quality is much nicer than other boards I have used. I highly recommend OSOhome's cutting boards - give one to yourself or as a gift to a lucky recipient this holiday season! You can have your board personalized to fit your desire. I think that they would make perfect wedding gifts as well.

 Photo courtesy of OSOhome.

Thank you again to Monica and Chris of OSOhome for this beautiful cutting board, the opportunity to share their terrific company with my readers, and for their generous special offer! I hope all of you will visit their site and think about who in your life would love a handcrafted personalized wood cutting board.  


  1. That is really nice! I love that you put your blog name on it!

  2. That is a beautiful cutting board. You can see the quality in the wood.

  3. What a beautiful board and so special being personalized!

  4. such a beautiful board! i love special, individualized products like this.

  5. Beautiful board, love how the grain of the wood shows through.

  6. What a gorgeous cutting board! thanks for this review!


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