June 27, 2016

Lemon-glazed strawberry poppy seed bread

Strawberries are easily one of my favorite fruits. One of my biggest cravings during pregnancy has been fruit. Just the smell of it makes me drool lately haha. Now that we are getting into full-on summer fruit season, I can't get enough fresh fruits - strawberries, melons, cherries, peaches, etc. They are all coming into season locally and that makes me happy! We found ourselves with a lot of strawberries recently. While I love to eat them with cottage cheese, yogurt, on their own, or in a shortcake, I also love to try out different recipes with them. I know my posts have been lacking during pregnancy. So I was inspired to make something with all these fresh berries that was easy, quick and delicious - which is how this quick bread came to be. This bread is very moist and flavorful. It's perfect for breakfast, dessert, or a snack and is a great way to use up some super ripe strawberries. 

June 20, 2016

Rocky road brownies {Secret Recipe Club}

It's that time again - time for this month's Secret Recipe Club! This month I was assigned Dessert Before Dinner which I was excited about because this was a new blog for me. This blog is written by Stephanie who sounds like someone I would get a long with well.... we both like a lot of the same things aside from food blogging like craft beers, kittens, sci-fi shows, and more. After looking through her recipes, I decided on making these Rocky Road Brownies. Call it the chocolate cravings of a pregnant lady, but I kept coming back to them. If I had felt more ambitious and hadn't been neglectful to my sourdough starter recently, I would have loved to have tried some of her sourdough creations (especially the doughnuts and the bread pudding). I will remember these for the future!

I'm glad with my choice of these brownies. They were chewy, fudgy, and just sweet enough. Plus the melted, sticky, golden marshmallows on top added something special. Below is my slightly modified recipe.