October 31, 2016

Vinegar-braised cabbage with caraway {Secret Recipe Club}

This month the Secret Recipe Club is having a special Fall Dishes reveal! While pumpkin and apple are generally thought of as the ultimate fall stars (and of course I love them both as you can tell from a quick browse through my blog), I also love to highlight autumn vegetables like other winter squashes, root vegetables, and Brassicas like cabbage. I really enjoy harvest time and all of the terrific vegetables that come out of gardens in September-October in our region. I happen to really love red cabbage in particular. I think it's so pretty and it adds such a colorful punch to any meal. When I saw this recipe on Dessert Before Dinner's blog, I knew this was one I wanted to try. I have another sweet and sour red cabbage recipe that is my go-to, but I really liked the use of caraway as well as onions and garlic in Stephanie's recipe. We had this dish when my mom was over for dinner and we all enjoyed it a lot. We served it along with some German brats, pierogi, and applesauce. It was a perfect fall meal! Below is my slightly modified recipe.

I have previously had Stephanie's blog for Secret Recipe Club and said if I ever had her blog again I was going to make some of her sourdough recipes. However, during the move and my difficult pregnancy, my sourdough started died.... So I have to start a new one soon to try out these doughnuts! They also would be a great fall recipe with a glass of apple cider. 

October 24, 2016

Sour cream apple pie

Apple pie is taken to the next level with this recipe! I saw this recipe on Taste of Home's website and have had it pinned to make for a while now. I finally had some time to make it and am glad I finally did. The use of sour cream in this pie adds a nice touch of tang with the sour apples, but the sugar and brown sugar topping help to still make it sweet - a perfect contrast in flavors. Another thing I love about this pie is that it is free of spices. As much as like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg with apples, it's nice to have a dessert where the flavor of the apple itself really shines through and is the star. Of course we went on our annual apple picking trip this year so we have a bushel of apples waiting to be used. I try to make at least one new apple recipe each fall because apples are a big deal in western New York and for me they are one of the best flavors of autumn. Plus we always have a bunch to use up!

The babies are beginning to sleep better. They are almost 3 months old now! I'm starting to not be as much of a sleep-deprived zombie most days now and am having a little more ambition and time to cook and bake again. It's still hard, but I try because we like to have good food haha. Some days though it ends up being frozen chicken strips and waffle fries, and that's okay (I cut up some celery to make me feel a little better haha). 

October 17, 2016

Chocolate beetroot cake {Secret Recipe Club}

It's time for October's Secret Recipe Club reveal! This month I was assigned to make a recipe from My Wholefood Family. This blog is written by Susan who lives all the way over in Australia. She is a mom of three and focuses on creating recipes from real, whole foods. I found a lot of interesting and tasty recipes on her blog like these Sweet Potato Brownies and Sesame Chicken with Ginger Rice (the rice sounds fantastic). I ended up choosing her Chocolate Beetroot Cake because it sounded so intriguing and also because I thought the mixture of the dark chocolate color with flecks of red would be a fun treat for Halloween time. I adjusted the recipe slightly for my more American way of measuring (though I did measure out my chocolate in grams!) and cooking and I also used regular flour and sugar in my version. You can see Susan's original recipe at the link. I used Susan's suggestion of also replacing a bit of the flour with cocoa powder and was really happy with the results. This cake is very chocolaty but also has the very earthy taste from the beets. It's a unique cake that I'd make again in the future. 

October 4, 2016

White chocolate pumpkin oatmeal cookies

It's October! October and November are my favorite months of the year. I love fall and the food and holidays of fall the most. Every fall (usually the first weekend of October), we go on a family apple picking outing to Lynoaken Farms. We love this farm because they have all sorts of heritage apple varieties growing in their orchard so you can try all kinds of apples you'd never find in a grocery store. They also have all the popular favorites, too. This year my husband and I each wore a baby in a carrier while we picked. We were a little nervous as this was the first long outing we've done with the twins, but it went well! Each year when we go apple picking, I make up a large batch of cookies to have for our after apple picking snack. I've made these and these a few times, but this year I wanted to take something new. I like to make a fall themed cookie, and one that isn't apple since I don't want to have to buy apples right before going to pick a bushel. This year, we had these pumpkin oatmeal cookies with white chocolate chips in them. 

This recipe will make about 6 dozen small cookies. I like them on the smaller side since we have many people eating them. Give these cookies a try when you go out on your next autumn excursion.