June 7, 2017

Toddler pumpkin and banana egg pancakes

I have one more post right now in the baby/toddler food series and then I'll be back to some more of my regular food recipes (for a little while at least). I swear! I feel like I'm learning to cook all over again lately. Since our twins are starting to like more table and finger foods, I try to come up meals that all of us can eat when my husband is home for dinner. That can be challenging still though, but they have been eating small pastas, soft vegetables, eggs, salmon, potatoes, meatballs, and other things like that. They still eat chunkier purees, especially for breakfast and lunch (and they still love Greek yogurt and cereal, especially barley). Around the web, banana egg "pancakes" are a very popular baby/toddler food. I always see moms recommending them in groups and such. I have no idea where they originated, but they are a great idea - easy, simple, and healthy. Plus they have a perfectly soft and spongy texture (they are not like a regular pancake) that make them easy for eating. The "recipe" is just mashing one ripe banana with a fork and then beating in an egg and cooking like pancakes. See - super easy! Our twins like them a lot. But, of course, I wanted to put a little spin on them and after finding one lone can of pumpkin in the pantry, I knew what to try. This recipe makes about 12 little "pancakes" (about 2 servings). 

Toddler pumpkin and banana egg pancakes
1 medium ripe banana
1/4 cup pumpkin puree (canned plain pumpkin)
2 large eggs
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
butter/olive oil, for cooking

Mash the banana in a medium bowl with a fork (or one of these). Beat in the pumpkin, eggs, and cinnamon until combined.

Heat a skillet or non-stick pan over medium heat. Grease with butter/olive oil. Pour the mixture about 2 tablespoons at a time into the pan leaving about one-inch between each pancake. Flip when small bubbles form and it is golden. Cook until the second side is golden and the eggs are cooked through. Repeat until all batter is used.

Serve when cooled. Serve whole or broken into smaller pieces. 

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  1. They are great for any pancake lover!

  2. Those pancakes are wonderful! SO cute. As are the toddlers. :-)

  3. great idea! i haven't made the banana pancakes yet but now i want to try your version. i'm loving the stage we're in now...at 13 months, our little man can eat just about anything i'd normally make with maybe a few modifications. we had chicken & refried bean burritos last night and he just ate the filling with his hands and had the tortilla on the side. so easy!

  4. chubby cheeks! :)
    this is a wonderful idea for toddler food--easy to eat and nutritious! bookmarking for future reference. :)


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