January 20, 2022

Pennsylvania Dutch ham, green beans, and potatoes

Bowl of Pennsylvania Dutch, ham, green beans, and potatoes. 

This is a humble, simple, and budget-friendly dinner made with leftover ham, yellow potatoes, and green beans that is perfect for a chilly winter evenings. 

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This meal is a classic from my childhood. My mom made this quite frequently during the cold weather months and we always enjoyed it. Ham, green beans, and potatoes along with ham, bean, and rivel soup were two Pennsylvania Dutch family dishes we looked forward to having for dinner. 

We always knew one of these two meals were coming after we had a ham dinner. They are both simple, homey dishes. These are two recipes that my grandparents made and brought from growing up in Pennsylvania.

This recipe is so simple, it's truly barely even a recipe. Just a few simple ingredients turn into a tasty and comforting meal. Dinner doesn't always have to be complicated or fancy. It's also a very frugal meal to feed your family. It stretches leftovers into a full meal made from inexpensive ingredients.

All you need is a leftover ham bone (or you can use a ham hock), yellow potatoes, green beans (fresh or frozen), and salt and pepper. Along with some water and a bit of time, you can create this meal from very little. 

 Top view of a bowl of ham, green beans, and potatoes.

Serve it with a side of crusty bread and butter or warm drop biscuits with butter. The crusty bread is preferable to me to sop up all the broth in the bottom of the bowl.

I've seen people serving this meal with apple cider vinegar on the side. I haven't tried this yet, but I can see how a little splash could be delicious. You can add some parsley if you like as well. I like a few extra grinds of black pepper on top of my bowl. 

If you are interested in learning more about Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, you can grab this Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking cookbook. I have this one and another paperback one that I refer to a lot.

Serving bowl of Pennsylvania Dutch ham, green beans, and potatoes with a plate of sliced bread.

I hope you give this Pennsylvania Dutch Ham, Green Beans, & Potatoes dish a try. Let me know in the comments below.

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Finished bowl of ham, green beans, and potatoes.

This recipe was originally published in 2017 and has been updated in 2022 with a recipe card, new text, and more to improve reader experience.

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  1. I ate once something similar to this meal, it was delicious! Great recipe, I think I will try it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am a huge fan of simple hearty dishes like this. I love ham and green beans and potatoes are things I could eat everyday.

  3. Great hearty dish for my ham bone from today's dinner! Thanks!

  4. This looks like total comfort food! Love those dishes from childhood :)

  5. I have never had ham with green beans and potatoes...thanks for the recipe Amy...it sure looks comforting.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  6. Love homey food like this. Really nice! Thanks so much.

  7. This is such a great meal, ideal for spring!

  8. Love it! This is definitely a popular dish in my neck of the woods ;)

  9. My Mom made something similar. But her broth was milk not water. If was VERY GOOD.

  10. I love anything made with leftovers and this looks incredible! What a fantastic use for ham and leftover veggies!

  11. I always make ham and stick the leftovers in the freezer and don't know what to do with them. Now I do!

  12. I like meals that have everything i need in one dish!

  13. This sounds very deliciousand easy too!

  14. What a great, simple recipe! And I have all these ingredients at the moment! Will definitely give this a try.

  15. My husband grew up in PA Dutch country and was so happy I found this recipe. It's not only easy but uses up leftovers!

  16. Love meals like this. All you meat and vegetables in one dish. Love a smoky ham with potatoes. Good recipe.

  17. Use fresh green/string beans to be truly Amish.

  18. I put a chopped onion and kidney beans in the pot, also

  19. I'm Pa Dutch on my father's side, and this was a standard meal for us growing up - but it wasn;t a "leftovers" meal. We started with a whole, or half bone-in ham, and cooked it whole with the potatoes and beans. Never used ham hocks.

    1. That is the way my mom would make it. A half bone in ham.

  20. I too grew up in Pennsylvania eating this meal. Today there is snow and cold weather which makes it a perfect day to make it. The only change I make is to thicken it with cornstarch.

  21. Can't wait to make me a big pot of this!!


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