May 31, 2017

Toddler turkey, carrot, and apple meatballs

I can't believe my babies are already 10 months old! They are getting so big and learning so many new things all the time. They like being outside right now and going for walks in the stroller. We recently tried the baby swings at the park, which they really enjoyed. But, what they really love right now is food. They are interested in trying everything and want to grab and eat all that they see! They still like their homemade purées, especially with oatmeal or whole milk Greek yogurt. They prefer chunkier foods now though and are trying more finger and table foods all the time. I bought some frozen turkey meatballs and they really enjoyed those, so I decided to make a homemade version that is a little healthier for them. I still cut/break up these meatballs into smaller pieces for them at this point. They are picking up those pieces and feeding themselves.... a messy, but fun, time.

This recipe will make about 27ish meatballs. You can freeze them (place on a clean baking sheet in the freezer just until frozen and then place them all in a freezer bag) and then defrost in the refrigerator as needed. Heat them up in the oven or microwave, or even in an alfredo sauce. They can be eaten cold as well. The spices below are what I used, but you can use so many others like thyme, nutmeg, allspice, parsley, coriander, ginger, and others -- whatever flavors and combinations you want! They are also delicious for adults too - I've popped more than one in my mouth! 

May 23, 2017

Rhubarb sour cream bread

I hear you, more rhubarb??! Well, yes, more rhubarb. It's in season right now (and not much else is yet) and I have a whole bag of it and it's delicious! I love making quick breads from all sorts of produce. I mean, it's basically a giant muffin, or a loaf shaped cake, so of course quick breads are delicious. I always try to cut back on sugar in them so they are a little less cake-like and a little more breakfast worthy.... I usually like to have a thick slice with coffee and scrambled eggs for breakfast to even out the sweetness a little. The tangy rhubarb, sour cream, and ground ginger in this loaf definitely help as well. We just got two rhubarb roots to plant, so I foresee many more rhubarb recipes to come in the future as well -- well, in a few years because that's how long it will take before our own will be ready to be harvested. Maybe my next recipe post will be something other than rhubarb (or baby food haha). Maybe....

May 17, 2017

Rhubarb custard shortbread bars

I had a lovely first Mother's Day this past weekend. Mother's Day used to be a very difficult day for me, but this year was different because I had my two amazing babies to spend it with along with my husband and our families. We had a picnic lunch this year that was interrupted by some rain, but otherwise it was a beautiful day. I made these rhubarb custard shortbread bars for a dessert (adapted from this recipe) and they were a hit. These bars are decadent and I've lightened them up a bit on the sugar and fat from the original recipe. They have a shortbread crust, then a tangy yet sweet custard middle, and then topped with a lightly sweetened vanilla cream cheese whipped cream. I mean, how can you resist all of those things combined?! This recipe will make a lot of bars, so they are perfect for a gathering or picnic. I'm kind of into rhubarb lately, as you may have noticed from my rhubarb recipe round-up last week. I also still have a grocery bag full of it from my father-in-law's garden, so be on the look-out for even more rhubarb recipes over the next few weeks. 

May 11, 2017

Beyond strawberry rhubarb pie: A rhubarb recipe round-up

Not that there's anything wrong with strawberry-rhubarb pie, of course. It's delicious and it's a classic for very good reason. But, there are so many other tasty things you can make with rhubarb. It's often an under-appreciated ingredient, but it's popping up in gardens all over our area right now, so it's the perfect time to explore other uses. Please check out all these recipes utilizing rhubarb for all meals of the day and in both sweet and savory dishes. I hope you are inspired to add more rhubarb recipes in your kitchen. Follow my Rhubarb Recipes Pinterest board for even more inspiration. I would love to hear your favorite rhubarb recipes as well!

May 3, 2017

Homemade baby food purées (advanced; part two)

Golden potato, broccoli, & cheddar mash (Boil in water - 1 peeled and chopped golden/yellow potato and 1/3 cup frozen broccoli florets until soft. Drain. Mash with 1/3 cup grated white cheddar cheese and milk to your desired consistency). I don't like to puree potatoes as they tend to become gummy.

Ours twins are starting to move on to chunkier purées and some more finger foods now. They have entered the "Stage 3" baby food time (9 months). They recently tried commercially available puffs and melts and enjoy learning to pick them up and feed themselves. They've also been trying more of our foods like chicken, roasted vegetables, turkey, and pasta. However, they still are eating smoother purées, cereal, and yogurt as well. That's what they still eat the most of right now while they are learning to grasp and feed themselves more and more each day. 

Carrot, mango, & yellow bell pepper purée (Steam one cup of chopped carrots until almost soft and then add 1 cup frozen mango chunks and 1/3 cup chopped yellow pepper. Cook until soft and purée to your desired consistency using steaming water).